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Last Saturday I have been to Feltrinelli’s bookshop and I found the store invaded by diaries 2019-2020, notebooks, planner, cases and lots of other stationery stuff, which on a stationery lover like me, it has the effect “Children in a toy store”: can you remember that feeling?

So, even though I keep repeating to myself that “school is over” and that “it is time to convert to digital”, the fascination for paper and diaries survives undisturbed. That’s why one of my worries from now until the end of the year will be: which will be the 2020s’ diary? 

While I have plenty of time to meditate on, who follows the school calendar need to answer to the question “is this, your 2019-2020s’ agenda?” in the next couple of months.

Why diaries matter

A diary is an object that follows you throughout the year, which is in your bag or on your desk every day, and on which you write down commitments, notes, goals, phone numbers, reservations and much more. 

Therefore, choosing a diary that does not fit your lifestyle (because it has too much space and it is heavy, or because it has too little space and you cannot write everything you need) it makes the organization of time a frustrating task, it can affect the mood of the day and the willingness to use of the diary, which could end up abandoned in the drawer. 


Also, it can lead to the consequent definitive victory of Google Calendar. In fact, unlike the paper diary, Google Calendar is always with you and it reminds you of things without you having to remember to consult it.

This is not a sponsored post, I am listing the 2019-2020 diaries that I found interesting, with the promise that we will return on this topic in order to analyze other diaries and time-management models.

Mr Wonderful

First of all, if I went to school again, I would probably buy Mr Wonderful’s diaries: they are full of optimism and good humor to face the day. They have lots of colored stickers, and boxes for notes, expenses, the mood that links the diary with the bullet journal and I’m sure that as a girl I would have loved it.

Their diaries are of three types: the small ones, paperback with the cover in super colored rubber, the spiral ones and those defined sketch diaries which are the largest.

For each category there is the daily and weekly version.

One page per day in the daily version, while Saturdays and Sundays share the same page.

The weekly version, on the other hand, includes three days per page. It’s very useful because in one eye you can look to all the week and you have enough space to write in every day.

There are 8 pages of stickers to personalize the agenda and at the beginning of the month pages where you can mark playlists, expenses and other useful things, depending on the chosen agenda.

I leave the link to MrWonderful’s e-shop for more details.


Legami is an Italian brand that, until a few years ago, was famous for its minimal and super-colorful agendas compared to the Moleskines that existed mainly in the black and red variants (I speak of the era before the limited editions, then a decade ago).

Alternatively, there were spiral diaries with covers that featured prints of famous paintings: Klimt’s kiss, Monet’s water lilies, Degas’ dancers or some paintings by Van Gogh or Renoir.

In recent years they have added a super cute line with motivational phrases, llamas, alpacas, sloths, cacti and flamingos. They added to the classic alternative between the serious agenda with the faux leather cover or the spiral cover, also these versions with the rigid cardboard cover that make them very light and nice.

I was able to use Legamis’ diaries for both the university and for work, and Legami made me discover that I don’t like diaries with spirals, while I am happy with those with traditional bindings.

The diaries of ties are from 18, 16 or 12 months: of the 18-months version, there is only the weekly format, while those for 16 and 12 months also have the daily version and there is even a bi-daily version for the 12 agenda months.

The pages of these diaries are very minimalist, perfect if you want to customize them or if you need space to write down your commitments. However, the weekly version has the days of the week on a single page, while the next page has a lined sheet that gives extra space to pin down what does not enter on individual days or commitments not necessarily related to a specific day.

On the site of Legami, you will find all the info and the many models available.


Moleskine’s daily diary is currently my choice in moments of uncertainty. In its medium or mini version, classic or limited edition, or even the mini-weekly, it is the diary with which I found myself best.

Minimalist by choice, I find wonderful wide stripes (perfect for those like me who have a rather large hand) compared to other diaries, I love the thin paper and the warm tone of white.

I have a predilection for the daily version, while as regards the weekly version, I prefer those with the days split among the two pages, such as Legami or Letts of London.

I leave you, as always, the link to the Moleskine online store to take a look at the thousand limited editions and the one-color editions. I have limited myself to two examples of limited editions: Alice in Wonderland and Doraemon.

Letts of London

2019 was the first year in which I experienced a diary of the famous Letts of London house: a small weekly agenda that has the merit of having the days of the week split between the two pages and dedicating a space on Saturday and one on Sunday, contrary to many agendas that the weekend treat it in a unified way.

Also, this agenda has a very minimalist and more serious cut compared to the other diaries, but it developed some interesting fantasies.

Personally, I don’t like the narrow lines of Letts of London’s diaries (but probably because I have the big spelling), although the paper is thick and of excellent quality and immediately absorbs the ink that does not transpire from one page to another.

I leave you the links to the official website of Letts of London.

These are some school diaries, we will return to the topic in the fall, and who knows what my choice will be!

Do you already have an idea? Do you like to change or are you faithful to one diary? Are you a weekly or daily planner? Do you have a favorite model or do you want me to try one in particular?

Write it here in the comments!

See you soon!



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