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Autumn colors

Autumn is my favorite season and I love its colors. 

Technically, it is the season in which nature prepares itself to face the winter rest, but I have always seen it as the season of the restart.

After all, we grew up with the thought that school starts in September when the hours normalize after the long summer nights. Hot cups of tea return while talking or watching TV and even the TV series seasons starts again. How can we not think of a new beginning?

Autumn’s colors

The classic colors of autumn are connected with nature: the yellowing leaves, the chestnut brown, the orange of pumpkins and the green of woods. 

It is also the dirty white of the mushrooms, the red of the maple leaves.


Of course, also the violet of the sunsets, the blue of the sky of beautiful autumn days and the gray of misty mornings.

Inspired by nature, I imagined some color combinations that can be used to add a seasonal touch to a party, whether it is a wedding or another important occasion.

For this reason, I chose bouquets and table decorations, in order to let you adapt ideas to any type of event and being inspired to make other decorations. On Pinterest, you will find a board with Autumn suggestion, follow it!

Cinnamon and Chocolate


The first color combination recalls the colors of the Earth, the time spent at home reading, the scent of cinnamon biscuits and the first cups of hot chocolate.

It is the first mists, the first rains and the melancholic and romantic aspect of autumn that fascinates a lot.



The second combination is inspired by the Momiji-gari or the observation of the redness of the maple leaves that occurs in Japan.

I was lucky enough to be in Kyoto a few years ago, just before the moment when the maple leaves blushed, as they started to turn yellow. Nature offered such a wonderful sight that there were people from all over Japan to admire that moment. 

In our Ryokan (the traditional Japanese inn) the owner had told us that many people used to take a few days off to admire the colors of nature (if you consider that the Japanese have an average of 7 days off per year, you can imagine the importance it has for them that moment). Here some pictures of my Momiji-gari moment in Kyoto in 2016.

Country fall

Country picture:

The third combination is a country mood with a retro touch, more Mediterranean when the days are still warm. 

It is the so-called “September-Summer” when the days get shorter, but the water is so hot that bathing is wonderful and the light begins to change, it becomes less strong than in August, softer.

These are the days of bicycle trips in the Italian countryside, still not yellowed. Fresh afternoons and evenings when the sweatshirt is useful again.

These are the first moments in which we feel that summer is leaving and autumn is coming.

The pumpkin field


The fourth combination has red, orange and light green of the pumpkins: the vegetable symbol of autumn par excellence, not only because of its use for Halloween decorations but also because its colors represent the colors of nature during this season and you cannot skip them.

We wanted to find a romantic side even in the pumpkin fields and developed a palette that makes you feel at home.



When you enter the heart of autumn and the leaves begin to fall, you can admire the foliage (a western variant of Momiji-gari), the fall of the leaves.

The colors are more intense, the light more subtle and the days have shortened. 

You breathe the smell of burning fireplaces in the air, you take out the blankets and the evenings with friends are spent in pubs or homes, perhaps with some board games.

The last combination, therefore, reflects this moment of transition, before the arrival of winter.

These days I will work on invitations and cards inspired by these color combinations. 

If there is a palette you prefer, write it in the comments!

In autumn we have created an invitation and ticket save the date with sunflower, knowing that it is a flower with warm colors that many brides love to use for their autumn wedding with a country touch. You can find it here in our e-shop!

Bye for now!



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