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Slytherin Wedding

Welcome back!

After the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor themed weddings, this week is time for Slytherin wedding!

I am super excited because Slytherin is the house where I was sorted in. 

It is the home of my favorite character: Severus Snape. From the beginning, I suspected he was not as bad as Harry thought he was.

For those who missed the previous posts, I make a very brief summary.


August is a month of holidays, usually, during this month Harry Potter fans read the saga waiting for September 1, when the Hogwarts Express leaves.

I thought, therefore, that it might be a nice idea to imagine combinations of colors for weddings or parties that recalled Hogwarts’ houses, trying to keep as low as possible the references to the saga.

I imagined a soft approach to the theme wedding, bringing some guiding elements, hiding the references to the saga in small details.


The house was founded by Salazar Slytherin, a magician from the fen, able to talk to the Snakes and read people’s mind.

The characteristics of the Slytherins are ambition, cunning, and initiative.

The colors of the house are green and silver, their common room is located in the basement, under the Black Lake.

It is known to be the home of the evil characters (ehm.. He-who-must-not-be-named was Slytherin) and those who have a tragic destiny (Severus Snape) and here is part of its charm.

From Slytherin colors: gray, silver and green, both in vibrant and softer shades of sage and blue-green are trendy and they are perfect to organize an elegant Slytherin wedding.

Classic Elegance


The first palette recalls the elegance that I imagine to belong to the great Wizards’ families, such as the Blacks and the Malfoys. For this reason, silver candelabras decorate this table embellished with pure white flowers.

The groom has a tuxedo and the bouquet is full of green with silvery reflections like the splendid eucalyptus leaves.



The second palette is more modern, minimalist. The vibrant green on the tablecloth meets the brilliance of modern-shaped steel cutlery. The bridesmaids wear dresses in shades of gray and green, recalled by the extremely smooth shapes of the cake.

Modern elegance


The third color palette recalls the elegance of the first but declines it in a more contemporary key. The table is richly decorated with white flowers on the gray tablecloth. The silver-gray is recalled by a ribbon that adorns a bouquet full of greenery and white flowers, while the cake, with its contemporary shape, is full of shades of gray.

Country charm


With all this green I had to insert a rustic option.

The groom wears a gray tweed suit with a green tie perfect for a country setting. The gray cake is decorated with white flowers and leaves, while the table is decorated with a long row of vases and containers of various heights full of greenery and white flowers. Each seat is embellished with a sprig of eucalyptus on the napkin.

It’s a beautiful solution for a Slytherin wedding in the countryside.


  • You belong to a high-ranking family like the Black or the Malfoy and your wedding is very princely, then the favors could be in silver.
  • If your family of noble origins has ended up in disgrace like the Gaunts or you are marrying with a Muggle of humble origins like Eileen Prince, mother of Severus Snape, then perhaps you could opt for some succulents that with their green-gray leaves will be perfect and a pleasant reminder from your guests who will thank you for not having to dust your wedding favor for life.
  • Green and gray go very well with powder pink or coral. Take a look at my Pinterest board for more ideas.

See you next week with Hufflepuff wedding!



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