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Hufflepuff Wedding

Welcome back for the Hufflepuff wedding!

In the past posts, we saw the colors palettes for weddings inspired by the Hogwarts’ houses of Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin (I put the links for those who had missed the previous posts). It’s time for Hufflepuff!

Technically, I am Slytherin, the SortingHat said that in all the tests I took. A part of me, however, feels Hufflepuff and I think this house is unfairly underestimated by many fans.

Hopefully, thanks to the adventures of Newt Scamander in theaters, Hufflepuff will be seen in a new light.


For those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter saga, I give some coordinates useful to better understand the references.


The founder is Helga Hufflepuff, a witch whose values ​​were justice and loyalty, she did not discriminate any student on their ability or family background.

The colors of the house are yellow and black, an unfortunate mix for weddings (try to take a look on Pinterest if you don’t believe me). However, they are a convivial house, their common room is in the basement, next to the kitchens, with low wooden ceilings, round windows like barrels and it is full of plants (which will be our reference for the composition of the palettes).

It seems that many Hufflepuff wizards and witches have culinary skills and entertain friends with delicious banquets, and I imagine that two Hufflepuff spouses will not fail in the traditions of their home.

For the convivial spirit that characterizes Hufflepuffs, I imagined many settings with long tables, where spouses, family, and friends can laugh and chat together.

Vibrant yellow


I started from something more traditional, even if I declined it with a vibrant yellow of the house, the table full of white and yellow flowers. The bouquet is rather classic and perfectly balances the modern cake with abstract decoration.

A Hufflepuff couple who dreams of a traditional wedding without giving up their identity.

Antique romance


If you are like Nymphadora Tonks and you love pink (but not as much as Umbridge does), I mixed yellow with shades of antique rose to create a very classic palette that could please Andromeda Black, a noble Slytherin witch who was disowned by her family because she fell in love (and married in great secret) of Ted Tonks, a magician born of a Muggle family. Of course he was Hufflepuff: they are the parents of Nymphadora.

If Andromeda and Ted’s marriage would have been approved by the Blacks, that’s how I imagine their wedding: the elegance of Black and the warmth of the Hufflepuffs, with the sweetness of their love.

Simply yellow


The third combination recalls a country setting, how I imagine the marriage of Nymphadora and Lupine, organized by the Weasleys, in a simple, cozy and warm environment.

The cake with the daisies is beautiful and the table brings joy.

This combination is also suitable for a nice party like a communion or a baptism.

Country dust


Finally, the fourth combination makes the yellow dirty, dusts it and brings it to more orange hues. The setting is always in the countryside, but in a more elegant way: a villa, a beautiful country house with wooden tables, greenery, and candles. The cake and the bouquet, modern, balance the slightly retro setting of the location that is already mitigated by a modern device with glasses and cutlery of contemporary shapes.

It’s such an English setting that I would see Newt Scamander very well.

What do you think of these proposals? Do you like them? Do you have other options in mind? Write it in the comments!

If you want more ideas for a Hufflepuff wedding, check out the Pinterest board I created on the subject!

I’ll see you next week!



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