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Will Bleached Coral be the Pantone color 2020?

Bleached Coral is the color proposal that Australian creative duo Jack and Huei suggested to Pantone for 2020.

The color is white of corals when they are about to die and it is an invitation to reflect on the drama of the coral reef and the importance of defending the ecosystem in which we live.

In fact, Pantone is a company that has a significant influence on fashion, design, and architecture. Therefore, the choice made last year with Living Coral could be confirmed by choosing Bleached Coral as Pantone color of 2020.

Bleached Coral and weddings

I have tried to include this color in a series of wedding invitations I made just for the purpose of this article. The creative possibilities that have emerged are amazing!

Bleached Coral (or bleached coral), like many whites, lends itself to multiple variations: we have selected a series of suggestions for using this color on Pinterest (here you can find the dedicated board).


I started with Flower Design and Cake Design and then with furnishing proposals. In fact, if the color should be confirmed, we will see it declined in many aspects, just as it happened for the Living Coral.

However, Pantone does not just release the color of the year. It anticipates some series of color palettes that will influence the trends of 2020.

Charming Palette Prints

In July, Pantone presented the Prints Charming palette that will influence fashion and furnishing trends.

The palette is inspired by the world of tattoos and colors, full of retro references declined in a contemporary key.

Colors are:

Femininity redefined

The feminist movements and the reaffirmation of female identity, with the claim of representation by women, led Pantone to dedicate a color palette with pastel tones contrasting with strong colors to give a sense of softness and audacity at the same time.

Colors are:

Trends from the New York Fashion Week

Pastel colors will influence the trends of the upcoming spring summer collections. Pantone’s color experts went to New York fashion shows and returned with a palette of colors derived from designers’ proposals with a fresh and romantic flavor.

Colors will be:

  • Coral Pink (Pantone 14-1318)
  • Biscay Green (Pantone 15-5718)
  • Faded Denim (Pantone 174021)
  • Brilliant White (Pantone 11-4001)
  • Navy Blazer (Pantone 19-3923)
  • Ash (Pantone 16-3802)

London Fashion Week

A few days ago, Pantone Fashion Color Trend Reports of London Fashion Week was published. Pastel colors dominate the London designers’ proposals for the spring/summer 2020 season.

Colors are:

  • Blossom (Pantone 14-1513)
  • Blush beauty (Pantone 16-1534)
  • Tanager Turquoise (Pantone 13-4720)
  • Yellow Iris (Pantone 11-0622)
  • Oyster Mushroom (Pantone 13-4201)

We will see these colors in many different ways (from Flying Tiger accessories to fast fashion proposals to the catwalks) and they will influence the choices of designers, stylists, architects and, of course, consumers.

For brides dealing with the organization of marriage in the spring-summer of 2020, this is the perfect time to get ideas and inspiration.

In our store we have some romantic wedding set.

What is your favorite color? Do you like Bleached Coral as 2020 color?

What color will be, in your opinion, the year 2020? Write it in the comments!


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