Winter palette
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Winter palette

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Winter is an underestimate season by many people. It may be because of the short hours of light, the bad weather and the cold temperatures which lead us to prefer other seasons, yet during the winter there are the most romantic days of the year: Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

I tried to imagine color combinations for a winter party, whether it is a wedding or a simple birthday or just to get ideas for a different Christmas decor.

Winter red

The first combination is inspired by holly berries that stand out among the whiteness of the snow. It reminds me of days spent skiing, the dazzling white, in its many shades that tend towards the gray or towards the light blue depending on whether the snow reflects the sky or the woods.

It’s such a minimalist combination that I love it even in the wardrobe: a gray coat and a red scarf, to give light and color to a pale freezing face.

On Pinterest, I found some beautiful bouquets. I created a board with my favorite solutions for the winter if you want to browse and share your thoughts.


Winter essential

The second combination is warmer, making you feel home, with the blue-green of the fir trees, the red of the Christmas stars, the warm brown of the pine cones and the wood. It reminds me of evenings spent at home playing cards munching on cookies, dried fruit, tangerine, the crackling fireplace, the Christmas tree, of course, but also a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Red softens with bluish-green and powder pink becomes more romantic as if it was dreaming of spring.

The city and the snow

Have you ever seen cities under the snow? The gray buildings that suddenly become bright because of the light of the white sky and the streets whitened by snow or ice. The contrast between the white ice and the anthracite of the asphalt. On the roads, then, pink dots, busy and cold people, are looking for a place to warm up.

Flower designers offer several floral compositions with wood, cotton flowers, anemones, and pale roses to recall the colors of this extremely romantic palette with an industrial mood.

Winter sunset

Blue, purple, yellow, orange. Perhaps you will think that these colors do not belong to cold winters, yet nature can surprise us even in this season with breathtaking sunsets.

Moreover, a version with green instead of yellow is present in the Pantone selection for the Fall Winter 2019 – 2020 fashion collections.

From the floral point of view, they are the colors of the anemones, of the crocus that rises in the snow to remind us that in winter there are also colored flowers.

Warm sweeties

Let’s go back to the neutral and delicate tones for this last extremely romantic combination. The pink powder is one of the most delicate and romantic colors of all time as well as being extremely versatile, from a rustic aspect embellishing wooden tables to the combination with bronze, gold, crystals in elegant or more industrial environments.

In other seasons we see it sweeten more vibrant colors, in winter it softens the rigidity of white.

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Did you like these combinations? What are your favorites for a winter event? Has anyone inspired you? Write it in the comments!

Bye for now!


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